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Bitcoin can be used to pay traffic fines in South Africa

SA company helps businesses keep on top of traffic fines incurred by staff in company cars, accepting the cryptocurrency for providing the service.

South African drama series is entirely crafted for WhatsApp

Insurance company and advertising agency have teamed up to push their production via Whatsapp, a first for the entertainment industry in South Africa.

Orange peel mix wins Google science grand prize

Young South African Kiara Nirghin won the Google Science Fair Grand Prize with a sustainable superabsorbent orange peel mix.

Open source app connects traditional fishers to markets

South African traditional fishers use this app to log catches, improve government data and build relationships with markets.

Captcha tool teaches users South African languages

iCAPTCHA is a website protection tool that uses captchas to teach South Africans words from the country’s 11 official languages.

Ultra reflective beer coaster protects nocturnal walkers

Reflector Protectors are ultra reflective disposable drink coasters that can make nocturnal walkers up to 900 percent more visible.

In South Africa, tobacco is set to fuel airplanes

Solaris is an energy-rich tobacco plant soon to be harvested by South African Airlines — looking to provide a new, greener, biofuel for their fleet.