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Hyundai unveils a walking car

Vehicle with robotic legs can walk, climb and jump over five foot walls

Speaker matches lighting to music

Mood lighting is inspired by the user’s mindset and the music they have chosen, enhancing listener engagement.

Nano-yarn generates electricity from motion

Researchers have developed a yarn that can generate electricity when stretched or twisted.

Smart hula hoop delivers a tech-driven workout

A Korean firm is set to bring hula hooping into the 21st century with a high-tech hoop that can deliver a much more varied and informed workout.

Self-assemble footwear eliminates sweatshop labour

A South Korean firm is currently fundraising for a whole new kind of shoe that’s completely modular so customers build it themselves to their own design.

Collectible watch helps wearers to live in the moment

Hong Kong’s Anicorn Watches has recently smashed another Kickstarter campaign, this time to launch its Trio of Time project.