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Gen-I: Innovations for social good and emergency care

The latest Gen-I feature showcases the best of student innovations seeking to solve some of the most-pressing humanitarian challenges, from helping users in flooding situations to supporting mobility for the ageing population.

Innovation Culture Bulletin: Be nice to failure

Not beating yourself up when failures and mistakes inevitably happen can have a powerful impact on the way you work.

Wise Words with Meghan Carreau, founder of Tuckrbox

We talk to the founder of Tuckrbox, a nutrition-focused, farm-to-table meal delivery that lets children plan their own lunches through an app.

Innovation Culture Bulletin: Gamification at work

Gamifying work can have substantial benefits for employee morale, creativity and innovation, but how do we efficiently and effectively introduce gaming mechanisms to the office?

Where Are They Now?: Lock & Charge

We talk to Andrej Sobotkiewicz, whose startup lets businesses host app-activated e-bike infrastructures.

5 strategies to keep employees happy

We’ve select five of the best Springwise innovations, as discovered by our global Springspotter network, that are designed to keep employees happy and engaged in the long term.

Top 10 Ideas from the Innovation Culture Bulletin

We present the top 10 learnings from our Innovation Culture Bulletin, which help employees feel productive, motivated and ready to innovate.

Innovation Culture Bulletin: Conviction v Flexibility

As an entrepreneur, it is often difficult to know when to challenge your ideas, and when to exercise absolute conviction. We explore this paradox, and offer ways to help you harness risk-taking and foster innovation.

Why frequent job hopping can harm your employment prospects

Researchers sent out fictitious resumes with varying frequency of job changes, and found that resumes with fewer changes received a 40–50 percent higher callback rate than those with more.

Women are winning the human capital race

As skills become ever more vital to earnings, women’s singular focus on education looks on track to continue to pay off.

Banking on startups

How online-as-a-service financial solutions are helping SMEs get a head start.

Are you looking at me?

Why companies like to turn products into people.

Lab Results

By combining the hard data of medicine with the soft skills of presentation and public speaking, the Booth Healthcare Analytics Laboratory is giving new solutions to students — and new life to hospitals.

Innovation Culture Bulletin: In search of sound

We propose the best science-backed working sounds for different types of tasks, and suggest some office radio ideas that will prep the brain for innovative thinking.

Where Are They Now?: WeShelter

Tapping WeShelter’s app unlocks donations for homelessness services. We catch up with the founders about their recent work with the New York Mayor’s Office, and more.

The next generation of enterprise

The New Venture Challenge, which is marking its 20th anniversary, has helped turn student startups into thriving companies.

Four ways companies can encourage innovation

Professor of economics Michael Gibbs studied the progression of 5,000 ideas and identified four key operational strategies that can encourage employee innovation.