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Cashless payment platform enables cheaper healthcare in Tanzania

Digitization of health insurance processes, partnering with insurance and mobile banking companies to reduce costs and provide more accessible health care to low-income families.

Delivery drone network charged by home solar panels

Mobisol’s Solar Air Distribution network will add drone recharging stations to the roofs of homes in rural Africa, creating a delivery infrastructure for its customers.

Tanzanian clinic uses mobile payments to facilitate treatment

Add / Remove Mobile payment systems have seen a surge of growth in Africa, with many businesses and individuals benefiting from the safe, low-cost alternative that they provide. However, we’ve recently come across a novel application that harnesses this technology to deliver healthcare to women in rural Tanzania. The Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania […]

Small is ‘sundara’

Selling branded consumer goods in smaller doses and packages to low-income consumers in Asia: small sizes may mean big profits for Unilever.