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Hearing aid alerts users of danger at night

A project in Thailand has lead to the development of Hearing Rescue, a hearing aid that doubles-up as a vibrating bracelet to alert users of danger.

New plate soaks up oil, reduces calorie intake

Soaking up 30 calories per meal, the reusable, washable AbsorbPlate is the Thai Health Promotion Foundation’s latest healthy eating tool.

Thai restaurant organizes menu by blood type

The menu at The Third Floor in Bangkok includes blood type letters to help diners choose a meal that will complement their dietary needs.

Service enables Thailand visitors to take home a rescue dog

Animal charity Soi Dog has launched a scheme to encourage overseas visitors to adopt a stray by taking it home on their return flight.

Unique typeface brings blind and non-blind readers together

Mr. Light and Mr. Dark is a kids’ book from Thailand that uses a typeface combining regular text and Braille so readers of all abilities can share the experience.

Floating cinema brings the silver screen to the sea

The Archipelago Cinema by Beijing-based Buro Ole Scheeren consists of a mobile auditorium installed onto a group of rafts, enabling a movie experience in an open-air environment on the water.

In Thailand, eco-vacations on an organic rice farm

Add / Remove Ecotourism is one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry today, and recently we came across a particularly interesting example. In Thailand, Tigerland Rice Farm offers families eco-vacation trips in which they can live and work on an organic rice farm. Available during the rice-planting season of June and July as […]

Zen and the art of tuner bliss

Another hot import from the land of the Rising Sun has made it to US shores, and tuners couldn’t be happier. Super Autobacs is a veritable theme park for auto enthusiasts, and it’s positioned to become the defining brand for the full car experience.

Thailand’s Elite Privilege Club

Thailand ‘s Tourism Authority recently introduced the world’s first country loyalty scheme called the Thailand Elite Privilege Club. Membership is by invitation only.

Asian fast food

‘Native’ Asian restaurant chains that may well make it big: cases and ideas from Hong Kong , Bangkok and The Philippines.

Table-top tourist board

Thai government develops Thai restaurant franchises around the world.