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Clay packaging keeps food fresh for longer

Researchers have developed a packaging film made from clay nanotubules that can keep food fresh for longer.

Flat pack home for emergency shelter

Designed by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis, this emergency shelter provides natural light and collects rainwater.

Salt embedded asphalt could prevent frozen roads

A team from Turkey’s Koc University have developed a salt-embedded material that could keep roads from freezing over.

Closed loop shoelaces offset carbon footprint

Each pair of UNDO Laces offsets the carbon footprint of manufacturing one pair of shoes.

In Istanbul, daily deals site highlights Turkish goods and culture

Add / Remove Hard on the heels of our story about Kuponomi comes word of yet another Turkish site focusing on “deal a day” opportunities. Rather than helping consumers sell their unused coupons, however, Saklisehir focuses on offering up daily opportunities to enjoy goods and services specific to Turkish and Ottoman culture. A creation of […]

Crowdsourced Q&A instantly guides tourists in Istanbul

Add / Remove Much the way Crowdbeacon offers location-specific advice supplied by the crowds, so Wizard Istanbul aims to help guide tourists in Turkey’s largest city. Via the web, Facebook and Twitter, the crowdsourced site operates 24/7 to bring users immediate and free answers to all their questions about Istanbul. A dedicated form is available […]

Five smart brands and innovations from ’emerging’ markets

Add / Remove Our sister-site’s latest briefing focuses on the EXCEPTIONALL, highlighting the fact that exceptional B2C innovations will increasingly come from all corners of the globe, with brands and talent from emerging markets getting ready to shine. The briefing is full of fun examples, here are five to get you started: CHINA | […]

Car service for women

Add / Remove We’ve covered taxis for women in the past, and have noticed that the concept is spreading. The latest incarnation we spotted is Turkey’s Pudracar. Instead of offering women lower rental rates, which many mainstream rental companies do, Pudracar provides an upgraded service that’s undeniably feminine. A fleet of pink BMW 3 Series […]