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Mobile app uses light sensor to diagnose malaria

Ugandan start-up Matibabu has developed a non-invasive method for diagnosing malaria using a mobile application and light sensor.

Filters provide clean water and jobs in Uganda

SPOUTS are ceramic water filters made of clay and rice husk, which remove 99.9 percent of contaminants to produce drinkable water.

Information Blanket fights infant mortality in developing areas

Add / Remove Much the way L.’s “buy one, donate one” condom distribution program aims to prevent both HIV and unwanted pregnancies in the developing world, an initiative from creative agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay (BMB) targets infant mortality. Not only has the agency created a baby blanket pre-printed with critical newborn information for young parents, […]

Operator-assisted web search in India & Uganda

Add / Remove Proving that the internet’s information doesn’t always have to appear on-screen, Question Box brings the web’s intelligence to offline communities. At the heart of the venture is a solar-powered intercom box that features a large green button. By pressing the button, a user is connected to an operator sitting in front of […]

Motopower: solar-powered cellphone kiosks for Ugandan women

Add / Remove Mobile phones are connecting people around the globe like never before, but the simple fact remains that they don’t work without electricity. In Uganda, which has one of the lowest levels of electricity in Africa, Motorola has launched an initiative to provide solar recharging stations that can be run by local, entrepreneurial […]