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3D printed, smart, modular home is fully powered by solar

PassivDom is a Ukrainian startup that has designed a fully autonomous house, requiring no plumbing or pipes and that generates its own electricity and power.

Matchbox design highlights the danger of smoking

Ukrainian advertising agency has created a matchbox with a lung-shaped striking pad that damages with each use.

Gloves translate sign language into speech

The Ukraine-based Enable Talk project has come up with a way to make digital sign language translation mobile.

Being spaces for mobile warriors | Update: easyOffice

Add / Remove From easyJobs to easyPizza, easyJet’s founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou isn’t afraid to branch out into new industries. His newest foray piqued our interest, since it’s a concept we wrote about three times last year—flexible working spaces. easyOffice aims to bring flexible and affordable, serviced office space, allowing entrepreneurs to ‘match the space they […]