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Museum collaborates with radio stations for on-the-go highway art experience

Nine-meter high replicas are positioned alongside one of the country’s main highways, with local radio stations providing commentary to encourage people to re-engage with art.

Formula 1 announces winner of first eSport series

The Formula 1 Esports Series is out to find the best virtual F1 driver in the world.

Virtual aquarium tunnel speeds up security checks

A new biometric security system at Dubai International Airport will use electronic fish to enhance travel procedures.

Futuristic hoverbikes set to join Dubai’s police fleet

Currently under testing, the battery-powered vehicle could help officers fly above traffic jams in emergencies.

Dubai issues world’s first state-run cryptocurrency

The local government in Dubai has officially launched its own cryptocurrency to support faster and contactless payments.

Dubai introduces electric passenger drone taxi service

China’s intelligent aerial vehicle company Ehang is providing Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency with passenger drones for an electric taxi service.

Mobile banking app for Middle East migrant workers

The financial app provides migrant workers with secure access to domestic and international banking services, most of which were previously too expensive.

Dubai launches real life robocop

The UAW police department has developed a robotic police officer with plans to release “fully intelligent robots” into the force by the end of the decade.

Heart health campaign sets heart beat to music

Middle East retail leader is running a regional heart health campaign for women in five countries, offering free wellness tests in malls.

Global women’s network sets up in Dubai

A global creative network for women that has just launched in Dubai.

Platform translates sign language into speech in real time

The UAE’s Hands Can Talk project has developed software using Microsoft Kinect technology that detects hand gestures and converts it into audible words for a non-deaf audience.

In Dubai, taxi drivers now double as tour guides

The Dubai Taxi Corporation is now officially training its cabbies to act as city ambassadors while they’re on the job.