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Think that's a craft beer you're drinking? This app identifies genuine microbrews


Craft Check is enabling customers to ensure the beer they're drinking is genuinely from a microbrewery.

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In recent years, craft beer has been transformed from the preserve of ale connoisseurs into a viable consumer market, replete with its own thriving app market. In the past we’ve written about Untappd, which lets beer fans find the nearest bar selling craft ales, and now a new iOS app called Craft Check is enabling customers to ensure the beer they’re drinking is genuinely from a microbrewery.

Thanks to the rise of craft beer consumption, many multinational companies have jumped on the bandwagon and created their own versions to cash in on the trend, according to the app’s creators. Those wanting to ensure they’re supporting only the homegrown and fledgling businesses moving into the beer market can use Craft Check to scan the barcode of any bottle. Using the Brewer’s Association definition of American Craft Brewery, the app then lets users know if it’s a true microbrew. They can then share their findings on Twitter or Facebook to help others make consumer decisions that match their politics.

Craft Check’s database is updated regularly with new breweries, buyouts and industry news, and is available on the App Store for USD 0.99, with an Android version in the pipelines. Are there other retail sectors that could be made more transparent through apps such as this?



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