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Create your own wearable tech with miniature chip

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Mbientlab makes it simple to connect almost any product to a Smartphone through an innovative and powerful API and Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

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Two of the biggest trends of 2014 so far have undoubtedly been The Internet Of Things and 3D printing. Fusing the “maker” ethos of the later with the tech of the former, our most recent spotting should come as no surprise then. Mbientlab makes it easy to connect almost any product to a smartphone through an innovative and powerful API and Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Mbient lab’s MetaWare chip aims to empower developers and designers focused on the wearable tech market. Both the tiny form factor of the chip and the technology it boasts makes it ripe for installation within garments — opening up an array of new possibilities. The technology is designed to make it much easier for companies to focus on their core expertise and to broaden their creative horizon, knowing that their developers can use the chip to more easily create unique, wearable tech experiences. The chip itself is around the size of an American quarter, capable of communicating with the user’s smartphone through Bluetooth technology — compatible with either iOS and Android. The chip has built-in components such as an accelerometer, an RGB LED, and a button which, when activated, will use Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with the user’s smartphone.

Wearable technology is already establishing itself as a major industry, and innovations such as Mbient lab’s chip will only accelerate the industry’s growth. Which other sectors could benefit from a similar piece of technology?



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