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Credit card-sized phone is a backup when your battery runs out


Currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, Talkase is an ultra-slim device that acts as a secondary mini phone when the battery runs out on your main one.

Running out of smartphone battery is a perennial problem that can range from being a small annoyance to leaving victims stranded without a way of contacting anyone. In the past we’ve seen entrepreneurs develop numerous ways for consumers to charge their phone on the go, but a new Kickstarter project is taking a different tact. Talkase is an ultra-slim device that acts as a secondary mini phone when the battery runs out on your main one.

The size of an average credit card, the Talkase device features a small screen and keypad. If your phone runs out of battery, the micro-SIM can be taken out and inserted into the Talkase to act as a backup. Otherwise, users can simply place a second SIM inside. Since it has a lack of non-necessary features, its battery life spans much longer than a smartphone’s at up to 100 hours, although owners could just keep it turned off until they need it.

Talkase comes with an iPhone case that fits the phone into the back, along with space to hold a sim and a hook to get the SIM out of the phone. Talkase looks more like a calculator than today’s smartphones, and indeed it has a calculator mode so users can simply flip their iPhone over to do some quick sums.

Alternatively, Talkase can sync with existing phones via Bluetooth. This option enables owners to duplicate their smartphone and take the cheaper, lightweight version along with them on sports activities or other locations where they’d rather not get their smartphone damaged.

Watch the video below to learn more about Talkase:

Talkase can be purchased along with an iPhone case through Kickstarter from USD 39. The campaign ends on 20 November. Are there other ways to tackle the problem of constantly draining smartphone batteries?




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