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Crowdfunding adventures in the great outdoors

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Fortua helps anyone raise funds and source volunteers and equipment for their eco-friendly outdoor adventure.

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Niche crowdfunding platforms enable individuals to raise funds for everything from long-form journalism to homes for misplaced Haitian families. Now, Fortua is a website for crowdfunding outdoor, active, eco-friendly pursuits and adventures.


To begin, an individual or group creates a campaign page on the platform where they detail their desired endeavor. Users are currently raising funds for everything from a spring triathlon in Michigan to a boy scout adventure program. Donors can pledge equipment, expertise and volunteer time as well as financial contributions, but unlike most crowdfunding sites, campaigners can choose whether to run an ‘all-or-nothing’ campaign — when funds are only collected if the target is reached — or a ‘keep-it-all’ campaign. In return, backers receive perks and updates before, during and after the adventures.


It is free to run a campaign on Fortua but the company takes a 5 percent fee of all funds raised. Users are also charged USD 0.30 per contribution and a 2.9 percent fee by WePay — who process all the transactions. What pursuits will crowdfunding enable next?



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