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Crowdfunding local charities through online sales


Giftluence lets online shoppers crowdfund local charity projects.

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Many charities are finding ways to enable people to donate while spending time online, with twitter becoming a growing force for giving. With so many charities to choose from, finding time to donate can become a deterrent, so Giftfluence are allowing users to crowdfund local projects while they shop online.

Giftfluence’s platform brings local charitable efforts together with local retailers, who can choose to donate a percentage of their sales to a cause (usually around five percent). Users select a local project to support, and are offered a range of retail options, such as apparel or homeware. They then receive a selection of online retailers that have what they want, who are also supporting those charities. One project Giftfluence is currently helping to crowdfund is the Houston Foodbank, which users can support by shopping for NFL jerseys on the Houston Texan’s webstore. Of course, users are able to donate directly to projects if they prefer.


By enabling consumers to donate through an action they already do, founder Ryan Charnov hopes to make the act of giving as easy as online shopping. Can other platforms help connect local business to community charities?



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