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Through crowdfunding, site aims to resurrect cancelled TV shows

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Sweden's Reupp platform gives consumers the power to bring back an axed show through crowdfunding.

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We recently saw the #SkyRec campaign enable television fans to record their favourite shows from their Twitter account, but what if they get cancelled? Sweden’s Reupp platform could have the answer, giving consumers the power to bring back an axed series through crowdfunding.

Operating like a Songkick for TV programs, users can search the site’s database for a show – such as 90s mystery series Twin Peaks (pictured above), for example. If it has been cancelled or simply stopped running, they can pledge some money towards the production of a new season. If it’s still airing, money can still be pledged to show appreciation and help fund its continuation. If the title gets picked up again, the money is donated to the producers; if it doesn’t, the campaign stays open. The idea behind the site isn’t to raise enough money to fully fund the production of an entire season – considering a single episode of a series such as HBO’s Boardwalk Empire can cost almost USD 20 million. Instead, each campaign serves more as an online petition, with financial backing illustrating the seriousness of fans’ desire to see further episodes. The video below offers an explanation of the service:

Launched only a month ago, the service has yet to prove that the platform can give fans the power to influence TV creators and networks. Are there other ways to harness the collective clout of the crowds to bring a project into reality?



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