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A 'deal-a-day' site for sports tickets

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No end in sight to deal-a-day offerings! Hard on the heels of our recent story about Market Sharing and its daily deals on office perks came word of Crowd Seats, a newly launched venture that brings the concept to sporting events. Now serving Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, Crowd Seats lets users sign up with just an email address. Once registered, they automatically get email alerts to each day’s deal for their city. Savings typically range between 50 and 90 percent, the site says, and interested users can easily share attractive deals with friends through email, Facebook and Twitter; Crowd Seats even pays USD 10 for each referral. Either way, when users are ready to attend an event, they simply print out the voucher associated with their purchase and bring it to the game along with a Photo ID, and the box office will exchange their voucher for real tickets. Justin Cener, the company’s founder and CEO, explains on Business Insider: “Sports ticket inventory is very similar to hotel inventory – if you don’t sell it, you lose it. Crowd Seats enables teams to generate significant revenue from otherwise perishable inventory. Moreover, unlike traditional businesses, sports teams generate large supplementary revenues after the ticket is sold through parking, concessions, and merchandise, making the sports industry the perfect partner for daily deals.”



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