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Crowdsourced gift ideas based on the recipient's interests


No Sweaters in the US offers gift-givers the chance to crowdsource present recommendations based on the interests of the recipient.

Retailers have been trying to make it easier for gift-givers to find that perfect present for a while and we recently reported on UK-based 15gifts, which uses a proprietary search engine to help users choose from among a curated selection of unique gifts. Now No Sweaters in the US is enabling gift-givers to get personal recommendations from other users based on the interests of the person receiving the gift. Users begin by explaining to the community the kind of person they are trying to find a gift for. Information such as gender, relationship to the gift-buyer and age, as well as interests, are offered in order to help the community decide. Other users then choose a suitable present idea in order to gain points for each suggestion, as well as praise for their recommendation abilities. The more points a contributor acquires, the higher their position will be on the ‘top gifters’ leaderboard. All of the suggestions are placed into a database, meaning that users do not have to directly ask the community if they don’t wish to, choosing rather to search for a suitable gift based on recommendations made for similar recipients. No Sweaters seeks to offer a service which provides gift recommendations beyond the usual, while adding a social aspect to the process. An idea to try out on a regional or niche basis?



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