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Crowdsourced interior decorating ideas and virtual redesigns via app

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Decorator crowdsources interior decoration ideas, letting users upload a picture and then experiment with everything from color to furnishings.

The Decorator app helps anyone wanting to give a room an update. After uploading a photo of the space to be decorated, users can experiment with almost any type of furnishing and over 900 colors of paint. And if someone has a specific decorating quandary, the creative community of enthusiasts will provide a variety of suggestions.

Currently only available for iOS, once a user has downloaded the app, inspiration is only a tap away. Drag and drop functions make it easy to see how different pieces of furniture work in various positions around the room, and a few taps on the screen will change the color of paint. All furnishings featured on the app are from well-known brands, and users can buy pieces directly through the app. Users can also create to-do lists to help keep their redecorating progress on track.

Crowdsourcing helps communities in many ways, from increasing road safety for cyclists to mapping public health concerns in real time. How might crowdsourcing help find answers to some of the ongoing international crises?



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