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P2P court system brings trial by jury online

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Argentinian social entrepreneur creates P2P court system to bring trial by jury online.

Crowdsourcing is based upon the principle not only that many hands make light work but that if two heads are better than one, collective intelligence will be superior to that of any single individual. The Internet has made collective wisdom affordable and available across a broad spectrum of issues. We have seen a platform that guides expectant parents through the multiple decisions they have to make by offering them crowdsourced data from experienced parents; and rare disease diagnosis from a crowd-sourced medical user base. Now, Crowdjury, applies the logic of collective intelligence to justice.

Crowdjury is an online platform that crowdsources judicial proceedings: filing complaints, evaluating evidence, conducting trial proceedings and delivering a jury verdict. The aim of Crowdjury is restorative rather than punitive justice. The process is quick and therefore affordable for those who choose to use it. Those involved as jurors and researchers are awarded in Bitcoin as an incentive for participation. The platform works as follows: users report a wrongdoing to Crowdjury, evidence is submitted and stored in an online encrypted vault, and then checked by relevant experts from the crowd. If the experts think the evidence is strong enough, a trial takes place online and is broadcast to the public. Crowdjury members can interrogate the defendant and comment on evidence as they choose. And finally, a randomly selected group of jurors is chosen and a verdict reached. Wrongdoers can propose restitution in the event that they are found guilty.

Clearly, Crowdjury’s ability to enforce its verdicts is limited by the extent to which it can get wrongdoers to participate. The negative publicity of having a verdict recorded against you on Bitcoin may become increasingly problematic, however.

Whilst the idea of online crowd justice may seem science fiction at present, Crowdjury points out that Valve’s Overwatch system and eBay’s Resolution Centre are proprietary justice systems that already exist and adjudicate millions of disputes every year. The idea of enforceable, online justice may seem far-fetched but the truth is, it’s already here.

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