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Crowdsourcing platform partners with organisations to tackle world’s toughest challenges

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Crowdsourcing platform hopes to drive collaboration, innovation and impact on issues including human rights, renewable energy and Ebola.

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With so many troubling issues plaguing the world, it is often difficult to know where to turn to for help. A crowdsourcing platform, OpenIDEO, is working with organisations around the globe to tackle a multitude of problems with challenges, programmes and other tailored experiences.

A challenge is usually a three to five month collaborative process that focuses the platforms attention on a specific issue and creates a space for community members to contribute, refine and prototype solutions. Programs are long-term partnerships where a specific issue area is tackled, such as climate change or international development, by launching multiple challenges, events and other activities that lead to the creation of far-reaching, innovative solutions. Case studies of the work the platform has already undertaken includes, strengthening ecosystems through long-term and focused efforts, support project development through development and implantation such as, in the case of renewable energy and human rights, and building awareness and inspiring action on Ebola and bone marrow shortages.

OpenIDEO is keen to form new partnerships, tapping into the knowledge of specific thought leaders, integrating its process into events and fostering more collaboration in certain fields. Such platforms can be revolutionary to those in need, with the creation of campaigns to help earthquake victims and a crowdsourced map of places to find safe drinking water, being just some examples. How could crowdsourcing boost your company’s outlook?




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