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Cruiseline offers hypoallergenic rooms

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Crystal Cruises has introduced its Deluxe PURE Stateroom, providing onboard accommodation that is 99.9 percent hypoallergenic.

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Having allergies can range from being an annoyance to causing a life threatening reaction. Either way, being stuck on a cruise ship with elements that can trigger an attack isn’t ideal, and now Crystal Cruises has launched its Deluxe PURE Stateroom, providing onboard accommodation that is 99.9 percent hypoallergenic.

Operating out of the UK, the company takes its Crystal Serenity ship around the world, offering 70 ‘AA’ balcony rooms that will undergo a revamp in order to become allergen-free. Each room is disinfected using techniques developed by allergy-friendly hospitality company PURE Global, including its ozone generator. Room fittings are then prepared with a bacteriostatic solution that repels germs and microorganisms. An air purification system is also placed in each room, along with a tea tree oil freshener and micro-fiber bedding. The Deluxe PURE Staterooms will help travelers who suffer from allergies such as hayfever and conditions like asthma to get relief from symptoms such as coughing and sneezing, sleep better and ultimately gain more enjoyment from their trip. The rooms are set to debut in November.

We’ve also seen restaurants such as Mon histoire dans l’assiette make efforts to rid themselves of allergens to cater to more sensitive customers. Are there other facilities that could tap into this niche market?



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