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Customer service via Facebook Messenger

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MsgUs is a new plugin that enables businesses to provide a button for customer queries via Facebook.

Customers are increasingly using social media to make contact with businesses and broadcast complaints publicly in the hope of receiving a quicker response. Last year we wrote about two new customer service apps that integrate with social messaging platforms —, and Places which lets consumers send text messages to organizations to do things like make bookings or check opening hours.

Now, MsgUs is a button that takes the website visitor directly to Facebook Messenger in order to initiate a conversation with the business. Currently being beta tested, the system is free and requires no coding. Interested companies follow a three step process: enter their Facebook or URL; customize the button’s appearance; and then copy and paste the code into their website. Consumers can keep the conversation going, even if they leave the website.

Easy to install, MsgUS simplifies the process of setting up a customer service system and avoids the need for lengthy and costly phone conversations. Are there other ways technology can increase consumer satisfaction?



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