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Customer-made flavours


Austrian manufacturer Frenkenburger is asking customers to come up with new flavours for its all natural hemp milk drink, Trinkhanf. Made from ground hemp seeds, hemp milk is highly nutritious – hempseed is high in protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids, making it one of the most nutritionally complete food sources. But it doesn’t taste of much. So Frenkenburger previously launched mango/ginger, cocoa/vanilla/maple and coffee-flavoured varieties. To further expand the Trinkhanf line, sold at health stores in Austria and Germany, the ‘bio-entrepreneur’ is running a contest. Creative customers are being challenged to create tasty new flavours using fruits, herbs, or other natural ingredients. The contest runs through the end of April, after which a panel of judges will pick a winner, and the winning recipe will go into production. Aware that co-creators should share in profits, Frenkenburger will pay the winner one euro-cent per bottle sold. (See’s customer-made briefing for more examples of companies creating goods, services and experiences in close cooperation with consumers.)


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