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Customizable IoT button can be programmed to do anything

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Amazon Web Services IoT Button is a physical button for software developers, that can be programmed to control Internet of Things devices.

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Last year, Amazon released its Dash Button, which enables customers to reorder chosen products simply by pressing the small physical device. Now, the e-commerce giant has expanded that concept with the Amazon Web Services IoT Button, another physical button that can be programmed to control any Internet of Things device.

The button is aimed at software developers who want to utilize AWS IoT services without having to write device-specific code. Instead they can simply connect the button to wifi and create an Amazon Web Services account. Then, they can program the button to perform different functions in response to different commands. For example, a single click for on and a double click for off. The device, which can be integrated with third party APIs like Twitter, Facebook and Slack, has seemingly endless possible uses. It can be used to open a garage door, order an Uber, call a designated person, turn on the coffee machine in the morning, or work as a check-in device for Airbnb guests.

The button is limited edition and costs USD 20, which, as The Next Web has pointed out, is not as cheap as it sounds, given that the battery lasts only 1000 pushes, and is not replaceable or rechargeable. What’s more, IoT life hack platform IFTTT lets any user do the same for free using their smartphone.

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