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Customizable watch is a DIY wearable for creative types

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Noodoe is a completely adaptable digital timepiece, which combines the utility of wearables with the creativity of the maker movement.

Watches have always been more than simply a timepiece for many people: they can be a fashion statement, a high tech gadget or even an expensive status symbol. With the impending arrival of the Apple Watch, which prioritizes uniform style and gadgetry, start-up Noodoe are aiming to give users a cheaper, more creative option with their DIY wrist-wear. Noodoe is an adaptable digital timepiece which positions itself as the antithesis to the Apple Watch, combining the utility of wearables with the creativity of the maker movement.

Noodoe begins as a blank canvas. It resembles a simple fitness band and features a completely customizable interface. To start, users download the accompanying app and build a series of personalized faces using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Beginners can use preset symbols such as number blocks, dice or playing cards, but more adventurous users are able to create custom designs, adjusting each pixel to create completely unique watch faces. Creative types can start from scratch or upload pictures and sketches from their camera roll and adjust them in-app before sending them to the watch face. Designs can be shared and downloaded by other users via an online network.

Once strapped to the wrist, the wearer can move between face panels by simply flipping their wrist over. The DIY wearable currently has a battery life of seven days and the company hope to double this by the time it is released in the summer. It is expected to retail for under USD 100. Are there other ways of combining wearables with the creativity of the maker movement?



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