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Customized content delivered through bot messaging

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Berlin-based startup, Spectrum, enables publishers to share what is most relevant to each reader.

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New AI and bot innovations are popping up by the week. Recently, we covered this startup that designed a platform to help creative agencies build bots to use as a marketing tool. New innovation, Spectrm, is a service that allows publishers to customize what they share and with whom, and delivers it all via bot messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack and Telegram.

Launched in 2015, the startup offers a content management system that allows those who opt in to customize their content without needing any coding experience, and can facilitate GIFs, video and other kinds of rich media content. Publishers pay a base fee of USD 195 each month for access to the platform. The service enables subscribers to focus on what they’re making while Spectrm do the work of bringing it to the right users. As an additional service, the innovation provides those using it with insights to the publishers about, amongst other things, their readership’s click behavior and share rates enabling businesses to target and segment users based on what they’ll like.

The company is currently working with more than 50 publishers, including Business Insider, NowThis and German publisher Bild. There are many services that allow businesses to automate the content they share via social networks. This is the first who offer the chance to do that through the more intimate platform of social messaging. Could this innovation be used beyond publishing?



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