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Data analytics app provides detailed hyper-local information


BlockAvenue is bringing more data to the hyper-local level, offering statistics about specific blocks in the US.

We recently wrote about Homesnap – an augmented reality app that enables locals to bring up real estate data about any home in the neighborhood. Now BlockAvenue is bringing more data to the hyper-local level, offering detailed statistics about specific blocks in the US. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the company aggregates information about general areas such as crime, demographics and amenities and combines this with geodata – such as distance to transport facilities for a given point – user reviews and third-party data about specific locations. Those looking to move into a neighborhood – or residents already living there – can then use the app to find out more about the area, right down to the individual block. Users can see detailed information on shops, schools, hospitals and entertainment venues – from how many there are to how good they are – as well crime, business and governmental statistics. Each area is given a score between A and F to give searchers a quick indication of what it’s like to live in that location. Existing residents can also use the app to connect with locals and get notifications on news for their block. BlockAvenue is part of an increasing trend to grant people access to as much data as possible about their environment and themselves to help improve their quality of life. Although developed with citizens in mind, could governments harness this kind of technology to discover the communities most in need of their help?



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