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Norwegian band releases USB single inside a toy figurine

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As bands and labels continue to fight against the current downturn in the music industry, we recently found an example of a band really upping the ante. Norweigan dance rockers DATAROCK have just released their new “single”, which comes in the form of a designer toy loaded with a wealth of extra media. The 3 inch figurine, designed by Brian Flynn at Super 7, comes in the shape of a small red diamond with arms, legs and a face. The toy’s treasure, however, is concealed within, in the form of a small DATAROCK USB pen. This pen contains DATAROCK’s new single “Catcher In The Rye”, the new EP “California”, 1500 photos, a 60 minute concert film, 20 music videos and 105 bonus tracks, and is retailing at USD 50. We’ve seen many bands and labels innovating online to try and combat the perceived threat to their industry. However, there is plenty of inspiration to be taken from those attempting something truly new in the offline space. One to be inspired by! (Related: Platform connects bands and brands for sponsorship dealsMagazine on vinyl LPs features short stories read aloudFive new business ideas for musicians and their fans.) Spotted by: Sindre Holme

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