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Dating site matches Reddit profiles

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Redddate matches Reddit users based on their interest in similar subreddits.

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Many users find honesty an important factor in online dating — see this site that makes users promise to be faithful, and a Swedish platform that only let users upload photos taken in the previous six hours. Originating from an idea by a user in subreddit r/lightbulb, Redddate believes Reddit profiles can enable more transparent online dating.

The site requires users to have an existing Reddit profile. After signing up, users enter a few basic criteria about who they’re up for dating, such as sex and orientation, and geolocation data (which is grabbed from the user’s browser and then obscured for anonymity). Redddate then uses algorithms to match nearby users that share similar interest in subreddits, with the assumption that liking the same variety of niche pages will make for compatible dating. From then on the site works like other dating sites, with users able to message each other and arrange face-to-face meetings.

Redddate has already proven a hit with users, with over 15,000 Redditors signed up. Could other online profiles be used as suitable dating criteria?



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