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A dedicated social network and web portal for the chronically ill

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Wellaho supports chronically-ill patients with customized online resources and a dedicated social network.

Regular readers of Springwise may remember Cancer Commons and Medify, two sites designed to help patients by drawing on the collective experience and knowledge of others. Now, San Diego startup Wellaho is aimimg to support chronically-ill patients through an online network of friends, family and doctors, while also making it easier for patients and doctors to communicate outside of the hospital. By using the Wellaho web portal, patients can connect with a community of people who suffer from conditions similar to theirs, to share stories, thoughts and advice. Meanwhile, a dashboard allows patients to monitor their progress against key statistics given by their physician, as well as enabling them to set goals and note symptoms which can be viewed by their doctor and support network. The software also enables patients to set up emails, texts and phone calls as reminders for medical appointments, or to remind about the correct dosages and times for medications. Through the portal, patients can also receive their medical test results online directly from hospital laboratories, giving them the option to access these results in privacy and interpret them using the online tools. Additionally, online resources containing the latest news and information on clinical trials, research, and treatments specific to the patient’s condition are available through the service. Currently, Wellaho — which promises to remain free of marketing messages — is trialling the service to patients with Congestive Heart Failure, with a roll out planned for 2012. Wellaho claim their research shows that patients that participate in a social network can benefit from the support and advice of that group, and keep motivated throughout their treatment. It also hopes to save doctors time, while helping them extend their care in a controlled way. An idea to try out to ease the burden on both doctors and patients near you? Spotted by: Katharina Kieck



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