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On-demand courier service for South African shoppers

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The Cape Town-based WumDrop delivery service app provides Uber-style on-demand connections between drivers and shoppers.

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South Africans no longer need to wait in for deliveries or endlessly reschedule to find a time that works for both retailer and customer. On-demand courier delivery service app WumDrop works like Uber. When a customer is available to accept a delivery, he or she puts the sender’s details and delivery address into the app, accepts the quoted delivery price and the nearest available driver will pick up the request.

The WumDrop team is developing a driver training program to ensure that all available couriers provide the same high standard of service. WumDrop couriers work on a freelance basis and provide a range of transport options including walking, cycling and scooters. Prices start at ZAR 12 per kilometer, and customers can buy packages based on the frequency of their use of the service. Having already expanded into Johannesburg, the company plans to continue branching out into other South African cities and possibly other countries as well.

The demand for simple delivery and immediate services continues to grow, with customers benefiting from flexible use options that don’t involve lengthy contracts. Non-profits are also finding new ways to improve their service delivery through on-demand provision. In New York, drivers can now subscribe to a monthly luxury car rental service, and in Rwanda urgently needed medical supplies are now delivered by drone, making healthcare much more accessible in remote locations. Where else could on-demand delivery make a big difference?



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