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Jeans can now go into therapy. Yes, you heard that right — New York’s Denim Therapy restores, rejuvenates and injects life into worn-out, tattered jeans. Playing on the fact that many consumers have an emotional attachment to their jeans, the service repairs jeans with unwanted holes, denim that’s worn, tattered or just plain falling apart. Using a unique reconstructive technique, Denim Therapy places existing denim fabric into the jean to replace the holes. Not a patch, but a genuine reconstruction of the old fabric. New denim thread is sewn into the existing jean to mimic the original grain, colour and feel. Denim Therapy does not discriminate and can perform the retail surgery on any type of jean, high end or bargain basement variety. Each pair of jeans is given an individual assessment after which the possibilities are explained to the consumer. Owing to the fact that both buying a new pair of jeans can be expensive and finding a perfect fit is a challenge, founders Francine Rabinovich and Karla Schufftan recognized a business opportunity. At USD 7 per inch, most repairs cost between USD 21 and USD 35, which many consumers gladly pay for the revival of a well-worn, well-loved pair of jeans. Turnaround time is two weeks. True blue opportunities for denim-doctoring minipreneurs across the globe?



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