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Toothbrush design | Photo source Alex on Unsplash

New design enables you to clean your teeth in ten seconds

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A boring part of the daily routine could be made easier and faster by this unusual toothbrush design.

For such a short part of our day, teeth cleaning has still produced a surprising amount of innovations. One toothbrush is made of paper to be more environmentally friendly, or a blockchain toothbrush mines for cryptocurrency as you brush. Now the length of time you spend brushing your teeth could become even shorter with a whole new design.

The Y-Brush, the latest product from Fasteesh, is a smart electric toothbrush. The innovative design means that it is basically all bristles. They lie at 45-degree angles around a mouthguard that fits around the upper and lower rows of teeth of the user. The design arranged the bristles precisely according to recommendations from the American Dental Association (ADA). The end result is therefore a tooth-cleaning time of just ten seconds.

The brush works by auto-cleaning the user’s teeth according to the Bass method. This method is a technical brushing movement involving tilting your toothbrush head to a 45 degree angle and making a rolling motion. This effectively removes dental plaque and bacteria. Sonic vibrating technology means that all the user needs to do themselves is apply toothpaste, place the Y-Brush into their mouth and chew for a few seconds. With Y-Brush, each of the user’s teeth receive five seconds of brushing. This is possible because all the teeth are brushed simultaneously. This is four times more than a traditional method, that normally takes two minutes.

To suit the various different potential sizes of individual consumers, the product comes in four different sizes, including ones for children. Pre-order is available, yet official dental approval is still pending. The Y-Brush costs USD 125 and will likely ship in April 2019.



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