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Design engineer launches active damping case to protect devices


A new smart case uses sensor technology to detect when a phone is in free fall and immediately triggers a protection mechanism.

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At Springwise, we have seen a number of innovative phone cases, such as the Kyocera smartphone which has a soap-proof and self-healing casing. Another example is the phone case designed to remind drivers of the dangers of texting while driving. Made from metal salvaged from car crashes, the phone cases should deter drivers from texting and driving.

Now, a German design student, Philip Frenzel, has come up with a unique phone case perfect for those who often drop their devices. Currently only suitable for iPhone devices, the smart case uses sensors to detect whether the user’s device is in their hand, pocket, or indeed falling towards the ground. To offer maximum protection, the case uses damping technology to protect the phone in all situations. Additionally, gaining inspiration from car air bags, the case has four arms that spring out when the phone is in free fall. The spring-loaded arms expand to create a 30 millimeter buffer around the phone. This means that the phone will not come into direct contact with the ground upon impact.

Active Damping Case by ADcase

Furthermore, Frenzel has designed the case to be slim and sleek, adding just 0.6 millimeters to the rim of the phone and 4.6 millimeters to the back of the phone. The case is also designed to be re-used, provide extra battery life and offer wireless charging capability. Next, Frenzel plans to fundraise ADcase on Kickstarter and launch his product into the wider markets.

This kind of pre-emptive protection could inspire a range of similar innovations. Perhaps we will see comparable concepts applied more widely to protective measures. How could this invention change the way we think about protection?




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