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Design Museum Dharavi is a mobile platform for local makers to connect with clients, run workshops and promote social change in the Indian 'slum'.

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We recently saw an initiative that empowered startup talent in a Finnish refugee camp, and now Design Museum Dharavi is a mobile museum that will provide a platform for makers in the Mumbai neighborhood.


The project is an initiative of Jorge Mañes Rubio, Amanda Pinatih and URBZ. Taking the model of a pop-up, it will stop at various locations throughout the neighborhood. Despite being an ‘informal settlement’, Dharavi is famed for producing very little waste due to a culture of recycling and repurposing. The mobile museum will showcase local makers, enable them to connect with potential clients and run workshops, ultimately elevating the global social perception towards life in the so-called ‘slums’. Home to over a million people, Dharavi has the additional tourism pull from appearing on the film Slumdog Millionaire.

Design Museum Dharavi will run for two months beginning the first weekend of February. How else can makers from deprived areas receive entrepreneurial empowerment?



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