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In designing E-Go laptops, Dutch computer company Tulip claims to have developed the first personalized lifestyle computer, aimed at female users. The next chapter in design as the main USP?

As we’re rapidly moving towards Dan Pink‘s right-side brain, design-loving, aesthetics-driven economy, an abundance of opportunities has opened up for smart designers. One sector ripe for the picking: computers. Afterall, Apple is pretty much the only company that currently steals the limelight with beautifully designed devices, not facing any serious competition from other established players. Is the new Tulip E-Go a taste of changes to come? The Dutch computer company claims to have developed the first personalized lifestyle computer, a designer notebook with interchangeable covers, aimed at female users. The E-Go will launch in Europe in October 2005, and availability in North America and Asia is scheduled for January 2006. Sticking with the UBER PREMIUM trend, a handful of extremely exclusive E-Go’s will guarantee sufficient buzz: for a cool EUR 283,000 (USD 378,900 / GBP 197,000), customers can pick up a Tulip E-Go Diamond, studded with hundreds of diamonds, and a pair of tulip logos that each house a massive square-cut ruby. Let’s not forget; no product or industry is immune to the power of cutting edge design, from laptops to dish soap bottles. We know you know, but apparently it still takes guts to go for beauty and aesthetics. Take a close and honest look at your own portfolio…


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