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Designer handbag can charge a phone while on the go


A new handbag introduced by the designer Richard Nicoll in partnership with Vodafone at London Fashion Week earlier this year includes technology that can charge the user's smartphone.

We’ve already seen Vodafone UK’s branded taxis giving London consumers a way to charge their mobile phones while on the go. Now, the company has partnered with designer Richard Nicoll for a similar purpose, but with a very different method. Specifically, a new handbag introduced by the designer at London Fashion Week earlier this year includes technology that can charge the user’s smartphone. Vodafone and Nicoll entered into a partnership last summer, and the latest result is a new phone-charging handbag, which can reportedly charge BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices. Users need only charge the bag from a traditional outlet while at work or at home using an inductive charging cable that attaches to the outside of the bag, according to a report in The Telegraph. Once that’s done, the bag can reportedly charge handsets and tablets alike for at least two days via a retractable cable installed in the bag’s pocket. There’s even an LED light on the bag’s Bluetooth-enabled charm that flashes to indicate incoming calls, phone notifications, and battery life, a WIWT report notes. No word yet on pricing or availability of Nicoll’s bag, but we’re betting tech-minded stockists are lining up now. Retailers around the globe: how about you?



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