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To many men – and a few women – the garage is a haven for unadulterated self-indulgence. When Vault founder Chad Haas was looking to outfit his new garage, he realized there was nothing suitable on the market. Demanding high quality and stylish furnishing and accessories, Haas found nothing quite lived up to his needs or desires. So he founded Vault, “your showroom for treasures.” Vault offers a range of upmarket and stylish made-to-order garage furnishings. Homeowners can personalize their garage with fine quality cabinetry, work chests, flooring, wall treatments and hand-crafted garage doors. Think industrial floor coatings, stainless steel slat walls and period-authentic furnishing and you can just see the sparkle in any true car lover or handy(wo)man’s eye. Customers choose what configurations work best and can even get cabinet or floor colors to exactly match a car’s paintjob. Through the development of Vault garages, Haas has extended the traditional context of home furnishing and taken it outside of the house. We wrote about a similar company back in 2004 – Premier Garages. With homeowners seeking dream garages to go with their dream houses, it seems there’s plenty of room in the market for more garage innovators and upgraders. For more examples of businesses delivering on consumers’ desire to bring top-level experiences into the domestic domain, check out’s insperiences trend. Spotted by: Luxist



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