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Sticking with what grows naturally, Grassland only produces objects made out of real grass. German designer Bernd Oette, “puts the lush green on the wall and turns the wild meadows into an element of the living room.” The objects are made by growing grass seeds not on soil but on various materials, using water and light only. The roots intertwine and form a joint area that, with the aid of the specific technique of drying, will stick even on stainless steel. “The special appeal of it is to make visible the concept of change and the transitory nature of things,” according to the designer, who personally produces all objects as limited editions. The business opportunity here? Besides creating something truly unique that should sell well to wealthy consumers looking to incorporate art meets eco-trend into their living rooms, it shows how creative thinking (making something out of combining existing elements) will always result into something remarkable. What’s your industry’s grass wallpaper?


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