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Devices can be controlled simply by eye movements

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PredictGaze lets consumers control their devices hands-free while delivering interaction analysis to content providers.

Gesture recognition technology has already been used by Shopperception in Argentina to analyze how customers interact with products. Hoping to do the same for digital companies, PredictGaze also lets consumers control their devices hands-free. Using motion capture technology already connected to TVs, computers and mobile devices – such as the Microsoft Kinect, webcams and front-facing cameras – PredictGaze offers a way for content providers to enable customers to use gestures to interact. Currently, the platform supports face and gesture recognition, gaze-tracking and emotion detection, which can allow users to scroll down with their eyes, mute music with a ‘Shhh’ movement or pause a film by walking out of the room, for example. Consumers benefit by using a more intuitive way to interact with their devices, freeing their hands for other tasks. Businesses deploying the architecture within their products also gain from being able to analyze the data collected from gesture tracking, such as heat-mapping user attention to determine how they consume content, logging their emotional reaction and gauging demographics. The video below gives a demonstration of one of the PredictGaze functions: The software is easy to add into existing applications and, although the startup is still working to hone the technology in the lab, it could certainly change the way we interact with devices and how companies collect data about their users. Spotted by: Murray Orange



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