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Device can track metabolism from just one breath

Healthcare & Wellbeing

A breath-analysis device could mean the end for unhealthy fad diets with personalised metabolism tracking.

The health industry has benefited from such innovations as this glowing paper or machine learning algorithms, both of which help to identify certain diseases earlier. Early diagnosis offers more opportunity for successful treatment. Such technology can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. Now a startup currently crowdfunding in the US claims to be able to analyse users’ metabolism based on just one breath.

Lumen is a small device that claims to be able to track a user’s metabolism. The user would breathe into the device a few times a day. Each breath gives Lumen more information via carbon dioxide readings. This then enables the device to provide daily personalised meal plans and optimised workouts. Lumen aims to help its users lose weight in a manner that is perfectly suited to them. Information is available to the user via Apple Health or Google Fit respectively.

The regular analysis is necessary because an individual’s metabolism changes everyday. This can be based on the diet, amount of sleep, or exercise level at that specific time. This scientifically-backed device can help users lose weight sustainably. It also provides helpful advice to keep them healthy throughout weight loss. It’s also lightweight enough to function on the go, thereby making it easy to integrate into everyday life without much disruption.

The devices are due to ship in the summer of 2019. They are available for pre-order at USD 300.




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