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Digital charms buzz on connected friendship bracelet

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Created by Danish startup Twinkl, users push one of five charms on the band to send a buzz to the relevant friend or relative.

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Marketed to teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16, Danish startup Twinkl’s smart friendship bracelet holds up to five charms. The bracelet is connected to a wearer’s smartphone, and when a user presses a charm, the corresponding friend or relative receives a buzz from their bracelet. As well as charms representing friendships, wearers can choose charms of their favorite YouTube stars.

The YouTubers have agreed to produce exclusive content for Twinkl wearers, and bracelets with the relevant charm will buzz twice when new material is available. The connected app also allows users to set up their own signals for each charm and send twinkls without needing a bracelet. Available for USD 60, charms cost around USD five or six.

Other wearables for children include an educational element, like this vocabulary booster for toddlers and this make-your-own toy that flashes different colored lights depending on the wearer’s movements. Are there educational subjects that could include a surprising element of wearability to help increase the fun factor?



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