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Digital check-in system reduces patient wait times

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Queue is a touch screen kiosk system for clinics and hospitals, which can reduce patient wait time by up to 80 percent.

The manual check-in processes at hospitals can be time-consuming and frustrating for both staff and patient. They are inefficient and often lead to extra patient tracking and paper work. Now, Queue is a touch screen kiosk system from CrossChxs, which can be used in conjunction with the company’s SafeChx fingerprint scan — an identity resolution software that verifies the patient’s identity through a 2,500 character ID, linking them to all their medical records and protecting against medical identity theft.


To begin, the patient registers their arrival at a Queue kiosk. If they are a returning patient, they can scan their finger using the SafeChx fingerprint scan, which links their unique ID to their medical records. If they are a first time visitor, they can simply enter their name and details using the touchscreen. Next, they choose the reason for their visit. The system then adds the user to the waiting list and gives them an estimate wait time. The patient queue is displayed on screens in the waiting room and when their turn comes, users are prompted to visit a designated desk by a notification on the screen.


During a trial at Marietta Memorial Hospital, Queue reduced wait times by 80 percent. The system also records data and provides analytics via the Quorum platform. Could similar systems be used in other businesses with very high visitor turnover?



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