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Digital driving logbook and app for learners


Australian insurance company AAMI has introduced the SmartPlates app, a digital driving tracker and coach, as well as peer scoreboard, for learner drivers.

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Taking a learner’s beginning driving experiences digital is Australian insurance company AAMI’s SmartPlates app. Designed for use by a network of contacts – family and peer – the app uses global positioning system technology to track information that ranges from routes taken to time of day and weather conditions. After each drive, the digital logbook is updated, providing account holders with a printable PDF record of the entire learning experience.

The coach aspect of the app provides tips and encouragement for learners to practice in all conditions, and the start of each lesson includes important reminders and skills to practice. The app is free to use, and some states in the country already accept the digital logbook as official evidence of time spent on the road. A live leaderboard leverages the influence of a learner’s peer group, and for Android users, the app blocks all incoming communication until the lesson is over. iPhone users are encouraged to turn on the phone’s Do Not Disturb function.

Transport, personal and professional, is such a wide ranging industry that innovation is rife, particularly in sustainability improvements. Polish drivers can now lease pay-as-you-drive cars, and a new app tracks pollution from users’ different modes of transport. How else could the best aspects of public transport be combined with the convenience of on-demand personal transport for large-scale smart city transformation?



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