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Digital fridge for kids' drawings rewards parents for archiving their art

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The Canvsly app is a way to digitize kids' drawings, share them, and gain prizes for doing so.

Unless they’ve pursued art from a young age, most adults will admit that they’re no good at drawing. However, their parents will probably have a pile of their work that once held pride of place on the kitchen fridge. Hoping to get today’s parents to archive their children’s work, the Canvsly app is a way to digitize kids’ drawings, share them, and gain prizes for doing so.

The free iOS app first gets parents to take snaps of their kids’ existing work, which can then be sorted into themed folders. The idea is that parents build up an archive of the drawings and paintings that they can return to at any time, see the progress of the children and use the images to create prints or personalized goods. The images can then be shared among friends and relatives. Canvsly has also teamed up with Kiip, which works with brands like Pepsi, Disney, Amazon and American Apparel, to give regular rewards to parents for simply saving their children’s art. The video below offers more information about the app:

Much like Jellybeanstreet — the Australian platform for turning kids’ doodles into art prints — Canvsly helps both preserve and support children’s creative endeavors. Are there other ways to use technology to encourage kids to get hands-on with creative pursuits?

Spotted by Murtaza Patel, written by Springwise



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