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Digital lockers will take parcels and clean laundry

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NYC-based Clean Cube offers secure package pick ups and drop offs alongside quick and easy dry cleaning services for those in apartment buildings.

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Services such as LaundryLocker have been attempting to replace the traditional laundromat with a 24/7 automated service inside apartment buildings for years now. But now it has a competitor in NYC-based Clean Cube, which is adding secure package pick ups and drop offs alongside quick and easy dry cleaning services.

Each Clean Cube kiosk is designed to be installed in the foyer of shared accommodation and features several compartments to be used for storage. After typing in their individual pin code through the touchscreen, tenants can open a locker and leave a bag of laundry. Within 24 hours, it's cleaned and returned ready for users to pick it up again. A notification is sent to their phone to let them know when they can retrieve their laundry. The touchscreen can also be used to carry out other services. For example, users can mark their goods for temporary storage and Clean Cube will send it to a self-storage facility until they need it back. They can also leave clothes as a donation for Goodwill, or simply store an item for a friend to pick up while they're at work. Finally, the lockers also act as secure storage for any deliveries that arrive when tenants aren't in.

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Currently serving Manhattan — and one apartment in Brooklyn — Clean Cube charges customers for the services they use, sharing revenue with building owners. At the moment, it looks like it will provide for the more affluent residents of NYC who are already used to doorman service, but the devices could deliver a digital version for those that have never had it. Are there other ways to make everyday tasks easier for building residents?



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