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Digital marketing campaigns made more efficient using AI


AI programme, Aiden, helps digital marketers make more efficient use of their budget by making suggestions based on data analysis.


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The use of AI to support digital marketing campaigns is not a new thing. Back in October, we saw this startup that uses machine learning to match brands with relevant influencers. We’ve also written about Crystal, a platform that advises social media marketing strategists on how best to run their campaigns. Users can run their social media campaigns through custom crystal dashboards, asking questions in natural language. Offering a very similar solution but with some interesting additional features, is Aiden.

Aiden is an artificial intelligence solution to marketing waste. Designed to be perceived as another co-worker, the programme uses natural language processing to answer questions about how to optimise the impact of digital marketing campaigns. The technology queries data from multiple dashboards to make suggestions. It can compile charts or answer direct questions over Slack, text message, email, skype or whichever interface users prefer. Pierre-Jean Camillieri, former marketer and co-founder of Aiden explains, “As a marketer, you spend tons of time in fragmented dashboards. People spend almost 10 hours a week just searching for data. Another point we found out is that 60 percent of ad spend is actually wasted. Two of the big challenges for marketers today are a) what is important with my data and b) what do I do next.” The service detects shifts in the market before making suggestions. So, for example, if the company’s website gets a burst of traffic from a media article, Aiden will notice the change and suggest a marketing shift, including the media mention.

The company is currently running on a subscription model with plans for an enterprise tier coming next year. How else can AI be used to make it easier for us to digest and respond to data more effectively?



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