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Digital publishing platform connects artists with audiences

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A Peer-to-Peer publishing platform allows artists to interact directly with consumers and retain more money from the sale of their work.

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Designed to transfer control of content back to the artist, the Lightstreams digital publishing platform uses an Ethereum-based blockchain network. The cryptocurrency unit value is a Photon (PHT), and the network will work on Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus. Unlike traditional creative content distributors that tightly control what material is available when and by whom, the Lighstreams network will allow anyone to participate.

Artists can initially choose between a direct or subscription sales model, and the network will provide transparent, accurate sales information. This will help avoid misallocation of royalty fees and the damage caused by fake reviews. Users of the network can browse by title, artist, popularity and other categories. The Lightstreams prototype won an award at the 2017 Consensus Building Blocks Hackathon, and the launch of the network is planned for early 2018. Tokens will be available for sale at the same time, and a more comprehensive desktop version is planned to launch later in 2018.

Blockchain is proving its viability across industries, with players from national governments to international shipping companies capitalizing on its security and transparency. What would help make cryptocurrencies more useful for the general public?



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