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Dining chain opens recording studio inside London restaurant

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Aspiring musicians can use the high-tech recording studio free of charge

We have seen innovative ways in which music recording can be facilitated, for example the 360-degree microphone which works as a portable recording device, and the tiny podcast studio known as the Pod which functions as a mobile recording studio. Nando’s have joined in with this trend, opening a high-tech recording studio in the downstairs of their Soho restaurant in London.

Aiming to combine their two favorite things, chicken and tunes, the opening of this recording venue has already attracted much attention from aspiring musicians, with the studio now fully booked until the end of March. The recording studio contains industry-standard equipment, branded with the Nando’s logo, and there is an in-house sound engineer to help the musicians. The studio is open five days a week and is a part of Nando’s four-year-old Music Exchange program, which, in their words “inspires the exchange of global music influences through mentoring, workshops, and explosive events.” Musicians may apply to use the studio online, and those who are successful will be granted a session in the Soho location.

Nando’s unique innovation aims to encourage emerging talent and provide those wishing to further their careers in the music industry with a valuable opportunity. How else could the music industry benefit from similar innovations? And how might Nando’s have revolutionized how we approach recording studios?



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