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French Kit a bien manger is doing for Paris what Leaping Salmon did so well for London until they sadly disappeared: delivering semi-ready meals to busy urbanites, who want to dine well, but don’t care for the shopping and chopping. Deliveries include all the ingredients for a stylish dinner, and cooking instructions. Part-time gourmands put it all together and get the satisfaction of having prepared their own fresh starters, entrees, and desserts. Prices charged rival those at top-end restaurants, and reflect the fact that Kit a bien manger is sourcing its ingredients from exclusive purveyors, going after moneyed professionals looking for a proper insperience. Needless to say, customers can choose from a wide range of wines to accompany their meals (which is, as every food expert knows, where you make the real margins). Kit a bien manger currently delivers in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 14th and 15th arrondisements, charging EUR 8 for delivery. Kits can also be purchased in their own ’boutique’ on the Rue du Cherche Midi. Entrepreneurs interested in emulating Kit’s business model should also take a look at recently featured Mobo, and other food & beverage ideas: there’s no end to innovation when it comes to feeding big cities around the world. Start your own Kit a bien manger, or if you’re working at a FMCG company, partner with these people to add a bit of tryvertising-love. However, do study the Leaping Salmon business case: an idea that makes total sense should still be executed in a financially prudent manner!



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